Welcome to the Hobbes Project

The Center for Watershed Sciences welcomes you to join us in an endeavor to build a new concept in water and environmental modeling.

The Hobbes Project is a bottom up approach to improve and organize the data for water modeling efforts in California. This effort is trying to provide a venue for modelers in California and elsewhere to create an open, organized and documented quantitative representation of the state’s intertied water resources system.

Geocoded elements in this database can be interactively converted into tiered networks able to be solved by multiple modeling platforms depending on user preferences, with the appropriate translators. Many Hobbes tools will be web-based with exporting capabilities to the most common analytical and modeling software.

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Downloading Data from Hobbes

The HOBBES Project is aiming to display and provide documented and organized California’s water system information for general purposes and modeling. This presentation will introduce how to find and download data from Hobbes. It will be in The 9th Annual UC Davis Informal Water Management Workshop, second day (Dec. 13th) morning discussion (9:00 am Special Topics).

A video on youtube shows briefly HOBBES Data Download (also in the Video Library):

HOBBES Project Update Workshop, UC-Center Sacramento, Friday May 1st, 9am

The Center for Watershed Sciences invites you to a HOBBES Project Update Workshop on Friday, May 1st, 2015 from 9am to 11:30am at the UC Center in Sacramento CA (1130 K Street, downtown Sacramento), Conference Room A.

You can still fill out the Registration Form using this URL

Workshop Agenda
9:00am   HOBBES Project Updates and demo
               CALVIN Updates (15 min)
               WaMDam Update (10 min)
               HOBBES framework and intent, programming progress and HOBBES demo (25 min)
10:00am  Workgroups on questions for development and application (60 min)
11:00am  Sum up and other studies updates (30 min)